7 Important Things Every Guy Should Know About Suits

1. Don’t fake a suit
2. Buy two buttons coats
3. Defeat pleats
4. Stick to subtle colors
5. Get the right size
6. It’s all about the fit
7. A little tailoring goes a long way



The following video contains 7 crucial things every guy should know about suits. Be it the length, the color variations, the size and even how many buttons, this video will have you picking a suit that makes you look sleek,charming, elegant and completely smashing.


6 Tactics To Spots Lies In Emails from

The problem with email is the removal of the person from his or her message. You’re given no body language, no facial expressions, no eye movements and no general feeling from the other person.
1. Switching Tenses
2. Limiting Phrases
3. Too Much Emphasis
4. Evasive Language
5. Creating Distance
6. Too Many Words

being lied to repeatedly could mean someone doesn’t respect you enough to tell you the truth, or think you’re smart enough to see what’s going on.


3 Things Highly Successful People Want You To Know

1. “Always be authentic and true to yourself and your beliefs” – Kay Krill, president and CEO of ANN Inc

2. “Don’t wait for doors to open. Open them yourself” – Denise Morrison, president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company

3. “Follow your purpose and passion” – Kat Cole, president of

Pursue your passion with a passion! Be persistent and don’t let anyone or thing distract you from your mission.