Making tasks

Tasks are an important part of our everyday lives. Creating tasks for your team at work shouldn’t have you go through emailing them and then accepting the tasks assigned. With Team:on application, we make it simple to create tasks. After the task has been assigned, an email is sent out to notify the assignee. There’s no multiple prompts to accept to get started on your tasks.

To create tasks, start by clicking the task button on the left margin, down one from the calendar icon. The rest you can see how fast you can create tasks in the following below.


createyourtask_2_mp4 (1)


Creating schedules

Schedules…Everyone has one whether it’s on their calendars or not. Its the first thing we look at when we arrive to work or roll out of bed. But what about creating it? Should it also take time to make one?

Team:on makes creating schedules for your team quick and painless because you have more important matters to deal with. Below you’ll find how fast you can create schedules for your team on our application.



Inviting new members

You shouldn’t have to go through multiple processes just to invite people to your team. Team:on believes things should be straightforward which is why we have made inviting members a breeze.

To invite new members, start by clicking the green plus button. Next you’ll fill in their email address in the provided space. And finally, click the green invite button and that’s it. And it only took two clicks!


invitingnewmemberfinal (2)