Think it’s enough to launch your service in English only?

Map: Where Europeans speak English

It shows that though Europeans are very widely exposed to English, there’s a stark regional divide in how comfortable people are with really using it. In Northern Europe, most people can converse in English whereas in Southern Europe they can’t. One big difference is that in smaller countries, television shows imported from the United States tend to be subtitled into Swedish or Dutch whereas in Italy they are dubbed. Subtitling turns every day entertainment into a kind of subsidiary language lesson.

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3 Things Highly Successful People Want You To Know

1. “Always be authentic and true to yourself and your beliefs” – Kay Krill, president and CEO of ANN Inc

2. “Don’t wait for doors to open. Open them yourself” – Denise Morrison, president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company

3. “Follow your purpose and passion” – Kat Cole, president of

Pursue your passion with a passion! Be persistent and don’t let anyone or thing distract you from your mission.


Expedia Now Accepts Bitcoin For Your Crypto-Vacations, Fast, cheap, convenient!!!

Expedia service that I have also always use, Fast, cheap, convenient!!!

Accepting bitcoin in an attempt to cash in on the craze. This time it’s Expedia the travel booking site that’s accepting the virtual currency for hotel bookings. They’re working directly with Coinbase to accept and then convert the BTC into dollars as soon as they hit the travel agent’s coffers.


[FREE] A New One-Stop Shop To Help Business Get Found Online

Google announced a suite of tools this morning for business owners, offering them a one-stop shop to update their business information, add photos, read reviews and, of course, use Google+. The service, called “Google My Business,” seems to be aimed at those who have yet to figure out how to “get on Google” so to speak; in fact, there’s a button that even uses that same expression.