Rite-Aid re-enabling contactless payment for Google

After a long pause in turning off their contactless payment terminals in stores and rejecting customers that desired to use Google Wallet to pay for their goods, Rite-Aid has re-enabled them and cut ties with CurrentC. CurrentC is the competitor that has all the stores affiliated with its own contactless payment system. CurrentC would utilize QR codes using the smartphone’s camera to make payments.

Rite-Aid has made the right decision to re-enable its contactless payment terminals for Google Wallet and Android Pay this fall because customers speak with their wallet. If they are being forced to use something they don’t want to, then they will just walk over to the nearest store that allows them more freedom. In the end, the retailer loses, not the customer. From August 15th Rite-Aid will re-enable their terminals so you Android users can start using your phones to pay securely.

People need choices and simplicity, that is what our team believes in. That is the foundation of creating Team:on App for iOS and Android.


Source: Phandroid

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