Google’s new Wi-Fi router

No, this isn’t Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo product. This device will strictly be used to manage your Wi-Fi connections in the house and control any smart enabled device in your home.

Google’s Onhub router will go on sale August 31st. The aim for the router is to simplify your experience. From the initial setup, to sharing your Wi-Fi with friends at your place, to prioritizing one or two devices to stream your Netflix. Most routers are ugly and people tend to tuck them away in a corner so they can’t be seen. Google says this reduces Wi-Fi signal and causes unstable connections. Making a beautiful router design, Google hopes that people will display the router out in the open.

Google’s router Onhub is future proof. It will receive updates and might possibly bring new features in the future. Google for now has said its strictly a router to control your smart enabled devices. The router is managed through an app  from your smartphone. You can see how many devices are connected, which device is getting the best speeds, and troubleshooting, etc.

Google’s Onhub has the normal features you’d expect in today’s routers. Google has also integrated Bluetooth LE and Weave, Google’s smart home language. This could turn the router into a smart home hub.


Source: Google Onhub

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