Ex Google and HTC workers bringing a new smartphone

Nextbit, a Google backed venture company is bringing you an Android Smartphone unlike no other. Nextbit created a software backup utility for NTT Docomo’s Android phones. It generated a lot of revenue and now has shifted focus onto creating a new Android smartphone for consumers.

We already live in a smartphone saturated market where a lot of phones are starting to look like each other and offer minimal differences. What could Nexbit possibly offer that would entice users to use their smartphone? Nextbit CEO is tight lipped about the details of the phone, but everything will be revealed on September 3rd.

The phone is aiming for the premium market with an affordable price, $300-400. Nextbit says that “unlike most Android devices, their phone looks to combat “phone fatigue” by actually growing better over time”.

What do you think Nextbit is cooking up? Most importantly, will it attract users? Let us know!


Source: Phandroid

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