Spot Light Search


Spotlight Search Overview: Spotlight Search is our search tool incorporated into Team:on application. It allows you to search for any member, any task, any project, and file. All in one search system for your team.     To search for a member, click the search bar on the center top.     After clicking the search bar, a window will pop up. You can start searching in the bar you previously clicked on.     For this example, we’ll be searching for Erin Symons     By typing in the first two letters of her name, the search inquiry was able to locate her  

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File Storage


File Storage Overview: Sharing files should be painless and have no limitations. Our file sharing system lets you preview entire files before downloading them. Almost any file format can be shared without needing to download the file extension. This gives more usability to your team as well as your clients. We’ve included a file search system to easily locate files shared previously.   To start sharing files, click the corresponding group, project, or task created. Then from the chat window opened on your right, click the paperclip icon to browse files and share with members.                From there, click on the paperclip icon the […]

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Group Communications


Group Communications Overview Group Communications should be easy to organize and not be disruptive. Each group can be colored coded to distinguish easily. Members within the group can be given administrative access. You can also prioritize groups by clicking on the star which will move them up.   To create groups, go to the far left and inside the group window, click create new group or go to the groups tab on the top right corner and click the circular green button with the plus.     A window will pop up with details for you to input.   Inviting new members can be initiated after the group has been […]

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Project Management


Project Management Overview: Project Management should be simple and straightforward. Color coded cues borrowed from our Team Calendar feature makes tracking of projects more easy and identifiable. You can modify project deadlines with a simple click or add tasks for members within it. New members can also be invited after the project has been created.   To create a project, go to the project tab on the top right corner and click the circular green button with a plus on the bottom or go to the far left and under project window, click create new new project.       A window will pop up for you to input a title […]

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Smart Chat


Smart Chat Overview: Smart Chat is a simple, yet powerful chat tool embedded into our application. Smart Chat ties in all your chats with our four features: Calendar, Tasks, Group Communication, and Project Management. Clicking on a specific project on the left will open up the chat directly linked that specific project group. Our Smart Chat incorporates an emoji system and a thumbs up system to allow quick approvals to responses or simply agree with your team. We’ve also integrated Google Hangouts to allow video chats and give you flexible options. More continuity, less disengagement within your team.    

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