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Team: on Team Calendar Website Overview:

We know it can be overwhelming using new apps and trying to figure out how to do certain tasks within them.

At Team:on, we believe things should be straightforward and transparent for our users. And what better way than to demonstrate ease of use of application by videos!

Below is our Team Calendar feature for Team:on app and in this video we will show you how to create schedules, edit them, invite new members, and much more.

Team Calendar

Team Calendar Overview

Our team calendar is a colorful calendar to organize your schedule. Its easy to create, modify, and delete schedules. You can also invite new members after creating schedules. We’ve given the option to sync your Google Calendar so all the information gets transferred over. We’ll go over the basics on how to use Team Calendar to benefit your team.


To create a specific calendar event, select the day for that month and click. A window will pop up allowing you to fill in the details as well as the option to sync your Google Calendar.

calendar create 1



Clicking on the arrow tab allows for more details ie: adding participants, location, and description to be filled.

calendar expand info



Once the schedule has been created, you can invite new members to join.

new members


calendar final view


If the event is for a certain duration within the day, simply click and drag down to desired time.
If the schedule has to be moved entirely to a different date, simply click and drag to desired date. Its that simple!



move to diff date