Team:on New Feature

We’ve added a new feature to our Team:on Application and Website. Now you can invite new members while creating a new calendar event. An invite will be sent to members/companies with the calendar event date and bring communication to one location, one screen, and all in real-time. No more emailing back and forth or opening up separate chat apps.

We’ve also tweaked the website. Now when you click on the corresponding windows to your left, it not only brings up the chat window, but also changes the center screen. More streamlined and easier to glance at with less clicks.



invite with calendar date

Design Overhaul for Team:on Home Page!

Our home page has been redesigned from the ground up! A cleaner layout with richer visuals for easier viewing and locating information. Enlarged visuals provide a clear understanding of the contents in our app and help give a better overview.

Team:on New Update! Version 1.1.2

A new update has been pushed to the iTunes store! We’ve added two new features!

What’s New:

  • Improved performance for Calendar, Tasks, and Smart Chat
  • Bug Fixes

New Features:

  • Selecting individual members to chat with in an ongoing Group Chat
  • New Member Invite Function added