Team:on iOS Update (Version 1.1.4)

It’s been a while, but we’re back with an iOS update!

Version 1.1.4 introduces two new features that we think you’ll be happy about.


What’s new:

  • Slide out menu integrated and moved to the left side
  • Attach files from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Increased size of edit button (hamburger icon) in Chat
  • Voice record feature! Record audio in Chat when you can’t use your hands
  • Now you can unlike accidental likes in Chat
  • Increased touch response
  • Bug fixes


As always, the latest version can be downloaded here: iOS Team:on

Facebook and Twitter Updates Resumed

Social Updates

Team:on will have continuous updates on its social network channels starting from today. We’ll be posting announcements, new features coming soon, when apps are updated, events, and more!

All video tutorials on new features for Team:on App for Android, iOS, and the Website will be uploaded to YouTube.


Follow us on on the social sites below!


Voice Record Function!

Team:on newest update brings Voice recording function to Chat. Now you can easily send messages if your hands are tied.

Latest Android version includes Voice recording and the following iOS update will also include this.

Below are screenshots taken of the new Voice Record function for Android, iOS, and Website version of Team:on. Enjoy!


Android Voice Recording





Team:on Android Update (Version 1.1.60)

Team:on Android Update brings several functions to Chat!

Version: 1.1.60


What’s new:

  • Voice record feature embedded into Chat feature! Send voice messages if your hands are occupied
  • Profile picture of user will not be shown several times if they are replying back to back in Chat
  • Emoji window fixed!
  • You can unlike replies now in chat. Previously if you hit thumbs up like button, it wouldn’t switch to unlike
  • Increased size of android hamburger edit button in chat
  • Improved touch response
  • More bug fixes


As always, you can grab the latest update by clicking here: Team:on Android

Team:on iOS Update (Version 1.1.3)

Team:on iOS update has been published on iTunes. Lots of features included in this update. 

Version: 1.1.3


What’s new:

  • Push notifications are finally here! Get alerts in real-time, no more delays
  • New Chat functions (edit reply, copy, paste, and delete)
  • One profile picture used if same person replies back to back in chat
  • Bug fixes


Grab the latest update from here: Team:on iOS

Team:on New Update for Android (Version 1.1.53)

Big updates to Team:on app! 

Version: 1.1.52


What’s New:

  • Edit replies, copy text, and delete with the iconic Android hamburger icon
  • Thumbs up feature from website incorporated into Chat (quantity of thumbs up visibile)
  • Hitting the back button from Chat goes back to previous screen
  • Improved performances throughout
  • Bug fixes


Grab the latest update here!

Team:on Profile ID Feature

Team:on has added a new feature to the profile section of the website application.

Now you have a personalized profile ID link that can be used to distribute to new clients. Think of it as handing out a digital business card to people you meet or are given an email address to contact.

First image is the link that will be present to current members and the second image is what they client will see after clicking your personalized ID link from Team:on.


Profile ID card

Digital Profile ID Card Distrbute

Team:on New Update for Android (Version 1.1.43)

We’ve pushed a new update to Team:on app on the PlayStore!

Version: 1.1.43


What’s New:

  • Improved performances for login, calendar, task, and chat
  • Screen timeout
  • Dashboard menu previously unresponsive on startup, now fixed
  • Swipe down to refresh calendar, task, chat, group, and project
  • Google Drive integration (photos & documents)
  • Bug Fixes


Download here


Team:on Email Updates

Email Updates!


Team:on will soon be providing our users with once a week emails highlighting new features and hot tips to make your productivity using Team:on application more fluid and useful. Email notifications can be turned off for these, though we don’t recommend it.


To turn off email notifications, go to the far right and click on the settings icon.

turn off 1


From there, click on notification.

turn off 2


And finally, clicking the ON/OFF toggle for “New Functions” will set your email notification preferences.

turn off 3