The Team:on Mission

Often we become overwhelmed with the amount of notifications we get from clients, our coworkers, bosses, and outside contacts. It’s not that the multiple notifications break us down, but the amount of different apps used by those individuals that you have to keep track of.
Our focus is to bring an one application that is capable of organizing and managing your work with your team. One app should be all for project planning. You shouldn’t have to chase one app to the next communicating with clients and your team.

A streamlined UI where you don’t have to dig through multiple menus and tabs to find information quickly. Management apps like Cybozu, Groupware and Slack work great, but have a slight learning curve. When you look at the first page after signing up, do you know where to go, what to click first, how to get started in less than 5-10 seconds? We certainly didn’t. During our initial run, we were guided through several steps to create a simple group or project.

More visuals, less text. But what does that mean to you?
Throughout the world, everyone understands visuals. Because we cater to several different countries, the easiest way to have a universal understanding is through visuals, familiar visuals to be precise. Throughout Team:on app you’ll find familiar icons which the user can recognize and instantly know what to do next. One to two clicks is all it takes to initiate and jump into your work with Team:on. Chatting between person A and person B, both can transition from a normal chat to a video chat for better clarification without needing to switch applications.

We experimented with two screens and found that some things can be managed with two screens but somethings couldn’t. Using four screens next, we found it to be a bit messy, so that didn’t work. Next up we tried three screens and that seemed to be the ideal amount. With three screens you have all the tools and space to get your work done with your team. No hidden menus or settings, everything is right where you need it.