Alibaba vs Tencent: Who’s winning China’s tech war?

“My pick would be Tencent since they really dominate the mobile market with their WeChat app, with 600 million users on the app every day. Now, they’re expanding into e-commerce and games have been a stronghold, so in the first innings of the mobile war, I would say Tencent is a little bit ahead of Alibaba,” David Chao, co-founder and general partner at venture capital firm Doll Capital Management, told CNBC’s “Asia Squawk Box…”

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7 Important Things Every Guy Should Know About Suits

1. Don’t fake a suit
2. Buy two buttons coats
3. Defeat pleats
4. Stick to subtle colors
5. Get the right size
6. It’s all about the fit
7. A little tailoring goes a long way



The following video contains 7 crucial things every guy should know about suits. Be it the length, the color variations, the size and even how many buttons, this video will have you picking a suit that makes you look sleek,charming, elegant and completely smashing.


My ‘Friends’ Don’t ‘Like’ Me

The “like” is an interesting form of social currency.
Something funny = 140-150 likes
A fancy cocktail = 125-140 likes
A pretty view = 100-125 likes
Photos of me under age 8 = 100-110 likes
An obnoxious photo from a vacation = 90-100 likes
Obligatory “it’s after 2am and I’m drunk posting” = 75-90 likes
Anytime I try to self promote = 50-75 posts (I get it)


6 Tactics To Spots Lies In Emails from

The problem with email is the removal of the person from his or her message. You’re given no body language, no facial expressions, no eye movements and no general feeling from the other person.
1. Switching Tenses
2. Limiting Phrases
3. Too Much Emphasis
4. Evasive Language
5. Creating Distance
6. Too Many Words

being lied to repeatedly could mean someone doesn’t respect you enough to tell you the truth, or think you’re smart enough to see what’s going on.