Once a month in-house meeting. Everything else TeamOn.

Once a month in-house meeting. Everything else TeamOn.

[TeamOn Success Stories] About Asia Marketing Inc


We wanted to organize in an easy-to-understand disparate information

In addition to foreign students of recruitment and employment support, we are developing the six businesses, such as foreign language school of management for the Japanese.


Communication I do to “TeamOn task”

The main use of TeamOn, set the task for each project, “This What about the progress for the task?” “Whether or not there is any problem?” “Next Perform any action?” the members et al.We have to communicate in chat.


Optimum TeamOn to us to leave the discretion to employees

Basically it tries to commit Where is the freedom of employees, but the company MTG been gathered everyone is once a month, we share the budget and results. Other information sharing and communication is TeamOn.


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