Is your fingerprint scanner secure? Not if you use HTC…

The HTC One Maxx was one of the few phablets to have a fingerprint scanner on the phone. What many didn’t know was that there was a security flaw in the sensor where it stored your fingerprint in an unencrypted file. This said file could be easily accessed by any app if it was somehow utilizing the fingerprint scanner from the phone. Security firm FireEye Labs discovered this and immediately reported to HTC.

This is especially concerning because is already under order from the Federal Trade Commission to be transparent with customers, especially concerning security. Back in February 2013, “HTC was found to have failed to “take reasonable steps” in securing millions of devices, in part because it didn’t provide engineers with “adequate security training” and failed to review software for security flaws”.

Do you fully trust finger print scanners on smartphones or steer away? Let us know in the feedback form!


Source: The Verge

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