Google’s secret car company

If you live anywhere near Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, you’ve seen Google’s self-driving  on the streets. While some of these cars were reported to be in minor accidents, they have still been approved for further testing on public roads. A recent report by The Guardian tells us Google has its very own car company and its been around since 2011. Google Auto LLC is ran by Chris Urmson. Google Auto was formed as a limited liability company for its Lexus driverless cars on the streets.

This is great as Google doesn’t have to deal with other companies for liability issues in unforeseen events, should they take place. Google also applied to for the International Vehicular Identification Number for its built from scratch self driving cars (the ones we’ve seen that have the cute face without a steering wheel).  Google also cooperated with America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to meet strict California emissions and safety requirements. Google’s self driving vehicles have a maximum speed limit of 25 miles per hour, are light weight, and are low speed vehicles.

Google Auto doesn’t have any plans to sell the self driving vehicles to the public, but in the future it might be a possibility.

Can you imagine having a a Google ca pick you up to run errands and take you to work without dealing with the traffic? The future looks bright with Google.


Source: The Guardian

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