Amazon’s interface-free shopping

No you can shop for your items without opening your internet browser or any mobile application. What’s this nonsense you speak of? That’s right, Amazon is at it again, trying to reshape the future of how we shop for items.

Amazon has partnered with several popular companies and introduced what they call, “dash buttons”. Dash buttons will enable you to order items without having to go onto the internet or use your smartphone to scroll through lists to have your items shipped to your doorstep. Dash buttons allow you to order items with one single push.

To get started, you will first need to go onto Amazon’s website and place orders for the items you would usually order, but instead of placing orders for those items, you’ll be placing an order for that brand’s button. Then you’ll set up the quantity of those items you’d like to arrive at your doorstep. Each button will run you roughly, $4.99.

Once you receive the buttons for the brands you order from, you’ll no longer need to go online, unless you want to order dash buttons from a different brand. This can pose some problems for parents with kids in the house. What if my child likes to push any button he/she sees in sight? Fear not! Amazon has said that the first initial push of the button will trigger the order and any multiple pushes after that, will not have dozens of that item arrive at your doorstep. Once the items have arrived, the button can be pushed again. Amazon wouldn’t leave you in the dark so, of course you’ll also receive email alerts to keep you updated.

What are you views on this interface-free shopping method? Do you find this convenient?

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Source: Amazon

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