Smartphone’s sensor to help with depression

Our smartphones are capable of many tasks in today’s age. We use our smartphones to keep track of how many miles we’ve ran, how much calories we’ve burned off, tracking our sleep patterns, etc.

A recent study that was published in the Journal of Medical Research shows that our smartphone sensors can determine whether we are showing symptoms of depression or not.  For the study, researchers used Craigslist to gather 40 people between the ages of 19 and 58. The participants movements and activities were all tracked for two weeks by an Android app called Purple Robot. People with depression tend to go out less and are more withdrawn from social gatherings. To put this to test, out of the 40 participants, 28 were chosen to monitor by amount of phone usage which would show that they were withdrawn from the real word.

Researchers also found that those who were more depressed tend to not leave their house and spend more time on the phone than those who did venture outside their homes. The results from the study found that people with depression symptoms was 87% accurate. A lot of factors that were left out were age, whether people were on their phone texting to another individual, using phone for business, etc.

Dr. Mohr, who led the research for these tests says a more detailed research is enroute and will be conducted with 120 participants and a better defined for results.



Source: Journal of Medical Internet Research

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