Lexus makes a car with a heartbeat

We usually don’t associate cars with living things, but one car manufacture just might change that.
Lexus has used their Lexus RC-f coupe for the project. M&C Saatchi of Australia’s Creative Tech division and Lexus Australia. The purpose of this project was to create a connection between the car and the driver.

This of it as an extension to the driver. It’s like a wearable smartwatch but on a bigger scale and having more value. The car is fitted with a circuit board that is wired to both the cars doors and to the driver. On the outside, the door panels have electroluminescent paint that glows when hit with an electric charge. If the driver’s pulse goes faster, the outside paint will glow and represent that pulse motion. What we can gather from this is that it will better help manage the car if the driver is feeling tense in traffic or is on the verge of sleeping. The car could take over or slow down the speed depending on the driver’s emotions. Lexus doesn’t have any plans to implement this into its current lineup.

Below is a video representing the car in action.

Source: Wired U.K.

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