Google’s AI filtering your spam mail

Let’s face it, we all HATE SPAM. We all want it out of our digital lives. It’s 2015 and we still haven’t figured out a solution to filtering out all of the spam. In a recent gmail blog post, Sri Harsha Somanchi, Product Manager posted that the gmail team has some new ways to help with filtering out spam.

For senders, the Gmail team has created Gmail Postmaster Tools. This helps high volume senders to analyze their email, spam reports, delivery error data, and reputation. All that data can help the sender to send their mail to your inbox and not any spam folders.

Next up is an artificial neural network that is used by the spam filter to detect the tougher spam that may sneak through to your inbox. Also, with rapid rate nowadays of machine memorizing habits and patterns, the spam filter memorizes your preferences and what you mark as spam and what you don’t. Lastly, “Gmail can now figure out whether a message actually came from its sender, and keep bogus email at bay”.

Thanks to Google, we can spend less and less time filtering out unwanted emails and eventually let it automate what we want to read and what we don’t.

Source: Gmail Blog

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