Google Map update shows where you’ve been

Let’s face it, there’s places we’ve been to but can’t recall the name or the approximate location of it. Today, Google Map wants to solve that. A new update to Google Maps for Android and Desktop version enables “Your Timeline” in Maps setting. The Your Timeline setting allows you to view your daily routes, places you’ve been to on certain days/times, and if you use Google Photos, you can see the pictures you’ve taken in those locations.

Now we know what you’re thinking, this is super creepy and invades our privacy. But if you already use Google Now and have your location history turned on for traffic updates, nearby information, where you parked your car, etc, then you’ll feel right at home. Those wanting privacy can opt out by turning location history off in the settings. Your locations are visible only to you and you choose what to keep. You can delete them all or delete a certain day. You can also rename that secret spot you often visit to, “the gym” or “my favorite restaurant”.

Here are a few screenshots of the new Maps on our Sony phone. Some parts are blanked out for privacy purposes.

We hope this helps you to go out and venture your world more!

maps with maps 1

maps your timeline















Source: Google Maps Blog

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