An inside look at Google’s self-driving car

On Saturday, Google brought its self-driving out to the Community Schools of Music and Arts in Mountain View. This is the first time for the public to view the interior of the car and be able to take pictures of it. The inside is composed of plastic fitted pieces. The steering wheel was absent as well as your usual vehicle controls. In the picture below, courtesy of Washington Post, a red button is present on a controller like device. I wonder what purpose that red button serves…

The insides don’t show any sort of luxury feeling, but this being a prototype, it was expected. Inside the car is very spacious. Our guess is, to keep everything light and minimal for transportation purposes, adding detailed interior might not make it to production models.

Google was promoting an event in Mountain View called, Paint the Town. This was to encourage artists in California to submit artwork for the self-driving vehicles which would then be displayed on the production models. Google wants to show that these cars are here to stay and are friendly to use for the community.

sef driving car















Source: Washington Post

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