How to make your Chrome and Firefox faster

We love having multiple tabs open on our favorite browsers. It’s convenient for us to refer back to them later in the day and it’s faster than bookmarking them. Our laptops and desktops can become pretty sluggish with all those tabs open. But not all of us are running powerhouses at our work or homes. The best solution would be to close all those tabs, but who wants to do that?!

The other solution to this would be to install OneTab. OneTab is an an add-on extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. What it does is consolidate all your tabs into one tab with just one click. To see all your tabs again, just click the OneTab extension icon and all your tabs will reappear.

This improves on the system performance without needing to upgrade your laptop or desktop.

OneTab extension can be downloaded here: OneTab

Let us know your thoughts and if it works for you!

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